Dear Our Guest Students,


You are welcome our country Turkey and old city Istanbul. While central campus of Yıldız Technical University is located in Davutpasa-Esenler, Faculty of Naval Architecture and Maritime is located in Besiktas district near Istanbul Bosphorus. The faculty has two departments: our Department of Marine Engineering Operations and the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.


Courses are given in English at least 30%. If your home university permits, you can take courses either from our neighbour department (Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) or from other departments.


CURRICULUM (course list and their contents) of the Department of Marine Engineering Operations


Our department has 13 faculty members and 5 research assistants. Each year, 62 students register in our department for 4-year marine engineering program + 1-year English language program.


Undergraduate education’s core topics are;


* Operations and maintenance of ship main and auxiliary engines

* Seafarer education

* Safety at sea education

* Ship control and automation

* International maritime rules


The following laboratories and workplaces are used in undergraduate program in our faculty.


* A Well-Equipped Computer Laboratory teaching technical drawing and computer programming softwares for engineering computations

* Safety at Sea Education Laboratory

* Ship Engine Room Simulator Laboratory

* Bridge Simulator Laboratory

* Engine Test Laboratory

* Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Laboratory

* Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (heat-exchangers, pump tests etc)

* Ship Strength Laboratory

* Basic Process Workshop

* Welding Workshop

* Marine Engine Research Laboratory


Please click to see the BOOKLET introducing our department


The followings are universities we have agreements within the scope of Erasmus+ Program.

              University of A Coruna, SPAIN (

              University of Split, CROTIA (

              Gdynia Maritime University, POLOND (

              Latvian Maritime Academy, LATVIA (

              Klaipeda University, LITHUANIA (             

              University of Petrosani, ROMANIA (              



Please go to our university Erasmus+ Program Unit’s website for information about “Call for incoming student applications”, “Academic Calendar” and for any other useful information such as social facilities.


Please visit Erasmus Student Network of Yıldız Technical University for further helpful information.





Dr. Hasan Kayhan Kayadelen

Departmental Erasmus Coordinator